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Quotes online, from the top 35 unified communications providers, consistently formatted for cross comparison

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Total Cost of Ownership

We’ll build you a TCO breakdown so the moving parts in your pricing are crystal clear

Compare and get quotes from the top 35 unified communications & VoIP telephony providers in the UK.

Filter in the providers that offer what you want

Integrate with your business apps

Work with your current IT infrastructure

Include contact centre requirements if you need them (CCaaS)

Meet your compliance needs

Work with your preferred brand of handsets

Fit your budget

Looking for VoIP phones? Need a guided service? Go to our VoIP Phone Systems page.

Unified Communications Procurement Online

Integrate Unified Communications with your CRM, ERP or Ticketing App

Whether you use a big name in CRM like Hubspot or Salesforce, or another provider such as SugarCRM, Agile CRM, Zendesk, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite or ServiceNow, we’ll help you filter down to the unified communications providers that can integrate.

Productivity App Integration

Using Microsoft Teams or Office 365, Cisco Webex, Google Workplace, Slack or something else? No matter which productivity software you rely on, we’ll find you the unified communications provider that works with it.

Unified Communications Compliance Functionality

Does your unified communications system have to the right functionality for you to comply with GDPR, SOC 1/2, HIPAA, JITRUST, PCI, or FedRamp? We can help you with that.

Compatible handsets

Already got handsets? Whether you’ve already invested in Cisco, Avaya, Logitech or another brand, you can filter providers to make sure your current hardware is compatible.

Circuits offered

Do you want a dedicated voice circuit, Internet, MPLS or SIP Trunking? Or all of them?

Looking for providers that can work with your own MPLS? No problem.

Do you want SD-WAN included with your unified communications solution? We’ll find the providers that can deliver.

Some of our Unified Communications Providers

A row of logos from various unified communications and telecommunications companies, including Avaya, Comcast Business, and Cisco, displayed on a white background.

TCO reports to Compare Prices

We’ll calculate your Unified Communications TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

If you need to provide the business a TCO, we can easily calculate that for you and generate graphs and charts. You’ll be able to show at a glance how much any cloud-based ‘unified communications as a service’ solution would cost compared to your on-premises solution.

Included in your TCO Report

Bar chart comparing total cost of ownership between on-premises and unified communications as a service (UCaaS), illustrating costs for PBX & upgrades, maintenance, voice & usage, conferencing & features, installation, and FTE support.
Table comparing costs and savings between on-premises (e) and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) (e) solutions across categories like maintenance, voice & usage, conferencing & features, FTE support, and DR site.

Let’s get started!

Head over to our Procurement Portal if you’re ready to compare prices and offers from the unified communications providers that match all your needs.

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The benefits of Unified Communications

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is changing business

Today, information and communication technology constitute the backbone of any successful enterprise.

  • UCaaS simplifies procedures by letting IT departments automate time-consuming, manual processes with a few mouse clicks, so that more time and energy can be devoted to more pressing issues.
  • Since UCaaS integration with CRMs allows for more productive interactions with prospects and existing clients, sales teams are taking more calculated actions.
  • Finance now spends more time at the top of the value ladder, because of the fact that ERP systems can interface with UCaaS solutions.

Little efficiencies appear in every encounter when voice and telephony are combined with conferencing, email, and instant messaging. One company’s efficiency gains may not seem like much, but when added together across an entire industry or sector, the value is in the tens of billions.

For the IT decision-maker’s guide to UCaaS technologies, download the AVANT 6-12 Report for Unified Communications as a Service.

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What does Unified Communications do?

Unified communications is not a single product but a collection of elements that includes:

  1. Call control and multimodal communications
  2. Presence
  3. Instant messaging
  4. Unified messaging
  5. Speech access and personal assistant
  6. Conferencing (audio, Web and video)Collaboration tools
  7. Mobility
  8. Business process integration (BPI)
  9. Software to enable business process integration

Why is unified communications the future?

Delivered over an IP network, most commonly the Internet, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a concept for providing unified communications and collaboration services to end users.

There are two factors driving this trend. Firstly, redundancy prevents expensive outages. Secondly, there’s a growing need to do away with expensive onsite hardware and the associated costs of maintenance contracts and administration fees.

These aren’t the only benefits. The widespread availability of cheap bandwidth makes it possible for users to enjoy the same high-quality telephony service regardless of their physical location.

Check your unified communications costs

Want to use our UCaaS TCO Analysis tool to learn how cloud communications solutions can help your company save money over on-premise options?


Why implement unified communications now?

Greater redundancy for consistent high quality communications

Make admin simpler

Scale up or down easily

Superior call reliability and coverage

Large corporation capabilities, for small-company prices

Far more flexible than older alternatives

How urgently do you need Unified Communications?

With UCaaS, phone users can access a virtual private branch exchange (PBX) in the cloud. It is an alternative to private branch exchanges (PBXs), Internet protocol telephone (IP) networks, and plain old telephone service (POTS) lines.

Is keeping your current phone system even an option?

If you’re using Copper wires, the answer is a categorical no. BT is going to switch this system off nationwide in 2004.

If not, then is your current system is a drain on your resources?

How long have you had it? Is it under maintenance? Do you have a team to manage it? Approximately how many different suppliers do you handle? What level of redundancy do you have?

How much could your business boost efficiency and profits with unified communications?

Do you think you could make use of some more sophisticated analytics and reporting?

How do remote users interact with colleagues on premises? Do your users have a uniform experience across sites? What are their needs when they communicate and collaborate with clients, providers or partners?

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