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Your new phone with built-in AI

All-in-one communications platform with voice, video & omnichannel – supported by AI

Your Dialpad AI transcribes calls, coaches agents, and makes sure call notes are never lost again

Intuitively reads tone of voice to give you 100% customer feedback

Want your own personal assistant?

Now you can get one embedded in your phone system – for every user.

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The Communications system that’s taken America by storm

  • AI assistant boosts customer retention and sales wins
  • Unlimited text and team messaging
  • One-click AI-boosted video meetings
  • The world’s most advanced AI Contact Centre
  • Reliable call quality, from anywhere, on any device
  • Analytics and call insights
  • Flexible IT administration and deployment

24 years’ experience in information and communications technology

Leading provider trusted by hundreds of UK schools & businesses

99.4% customer retention rate

Take the Risk out of Tech Innovation

Dialpad is designed for companies that need new technology to be easy to deploy and extremely reliable. It’s widely adopted by regulated professions like the financial sector, legal firms and healthcare, and industries where risk must be managed and avoided.

Fast-growing companies or remote workforces

Remote or mobile workforce? Do you use cloud-based email, file systems or CRM? Are you a fast-growing company that needs to scale up quickly and add new phone users for autonomously? If so, Dialpad is designed for you.

How does the Dialpad AI Assistant Work?

Your personal Dialpad assistant is an AI bot that can write out everything said in phone calls or conferences. It can show you relevant product or customer information based on what people say, integrating with whichever business apps you use. It even picks up on people’s tone of voice to change the prompts it gives your trainees during sales or customer support calls, measurably boosting customer retention and acquisition.

Easy Integration

Dialpad easily integrates with tools like Google, Microsoft, Azure AD, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk, and ServiceNow. We can also programme a custom integrations for you.

Google Workspace
Office 365
Zoho CRM

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