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Welcome to Flywheel.

My name is Matthew White, and I’m the CEO of Flywheel IT Services.

I founded Flywheel with the goal of creating a “hundred year company” which will survive the ebbs and flows of multiple business cycles, and  will flourish as it adopts revolutionary technologies that we haven’t yet started to dream of.

I would love to travel into the 22nd century and see what technology people are using. That would certainly make my job easier but, here’s the thing, I don’t actually need to.

All I need to do is get the business model right, and the rest will fall into place.

Portrait of a man with light brown hair and a beard, wearing a black suit and white shirt, against a plain white background.

Why are we called Flywheel?

A flywheel is a heavy wheel used inside many types of machine to maintain momentum, even when the source of power sometimes shuts off. Your car keeps going when you take your foot off the clutch because of the flywheel inside the engine.

They were used in 6,000 BC to make potters’ wheels turn constantly and they’ve been keeping humans productive ever since.

I named Flywheel after this ingenious invention because we’re here for the same reason.

My wish list.

I want clients for the long haul.

Flywheel people are honest, transparent and fair, and we pull out all the stops so our clients know we’re a rock they can always lean on.

I want to provide unrivalled expertise.

That’s why everyone at Flywheel keeps their knowledge up to date, jumps on the opportunity to learn something new and helps their colleagues master new skills.

I want happy staff.

People who see opportunities ahead of them feel motivated, and when their managers listen to their ideas and praise their achievements, they feel fulfilled. Happy staff make happy customers!

What's the long term goal?

My aim is to keep Flywheel expanding into more geographic regions, more areas of IT provision and, ultimately, into the most exciting new technologies in our field.

At the moment we have customers throughout the UK, and employees concentrated in West, North and East London, the West Midlands, the East Midlands and North Wales. From each of these Flywheel hubs, we can reach any client site in up to an hour.

We're inspiring the next generation to love ICT.

One thing we all have in common at Flywheel is a passion for making the next generation as excited about technology and ICT as we are.

We work with a lot of schools and we love setting them up for success. We’re also committed to training the next generation and creating opportunities for new IT workers to build their career and skills through professional mentoring.

Three children, two girls and a boy, excitedly looking at a laptop screen in a classroom setting.