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Trusted by leading UK & global construction companies since 2004

Over 100 new-build and refurbishment projects completed every year

Premier construction ICT consultancy with 100% customer retention rate

UK Leaders in ICT for Construction

You can breathe a sigh of relief when you work with Nexus. We’re the ICT experts who can join your team for the pre-design, concept and full technical design, build, implementation and handover.

Part of Flywheel IT Services since 2018, we get the ICT infrastructure right so that you can avoid costly mistakes and hand over on time, every time.

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Market Leaders

Approved contractors for UK Department for Education, Department of Health & Ministry of Defence

Sustainability Experts

Accredited innovators setting UK national standards in net zero design & Passivhaus Trust patrons

Zero Snag Projects

Our consultants have spent 335 years between them reducing project risks

Some of our clients

Our Construction Services Include

Schools & colleges
Commercial buildings
Ministry of Defence buildings (DIO)
Public sector
And more

Design Consultancy

To ensure ICT is fully integrated into your project, our team will be involved right from the early stages helping to set strategy, focus engagement, develop compliant designs and set a budget.

Our team will work seamlessly with yours and the other disciplines in the wider design team to ensure ICT is embedded in the entire process and ensuring that client and end-user specific requirements are captured and accommodated. We will produce the technical specifications and contractual drawings to ensure there is clarity on the ‘what’, the ‘when’ and the ‘who’ of the ICT elements for the project, supporting solutions that are sustainable from the start and support fully integrated smart buildings solutions.


Project Delivery

Our team, in total, has over 335 years of experience not only designing ICT solutions but implementing, configuring and installing them too. Our unique insight into education ICT solutions and the challenges that school ICT teams face ensure our focus is always on supporting learning and teaching activities with solutions that are tried and tested.

Our delivery approach, which is ‘done with’ not ‘done to,’ ensures your team, the client and any end-user are fully involved in the entire ICT delivery process. Switches, wireless, phone systems, physical or cloud services are all configured to an agreed design to support the wider needs of the specific project. This approach results our projects handing over with ‘Zero Snags’.


Project Management

Having significant experience in supporting and delivering a wide range of projects, our teams work to recognised standards and approaches.

We project manage a wide range of ICT projects ensuring they are delivered on time and to budget, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Our experience includes liaising with building contractors, schools and associated academy trusts, local authorities, third party suppliers including complexities associated with relocating communications services and associated highways works.


Project Delivery: Decant

Let us take control and save you the the hassle associated with decanting ICT equipment from an existing building to a new one.

Our team will lead the whole process, first reviewing the current location, status and condition of equipment. We will then plan and manage, with the end-user, where equipment needs to move to, coordinating with the loose furniture relocations. Once equipment has been set up in the new location, our team will walk through testing and condition checks post move, ensuring the process gets full sign-off.

Our team is fully trained and insured to move a range of technologies and equipment whilst maintaining warranties. We also will liaise with any specialist third parties around cashless catering or photocopiers to preserve any specific maintenance requirements that may be in place for these solutions.


Project Delivery: Audio Visual

Our highly trained Audio Visual installers have many years of experience in designing and installing AV solutions and technologies.

Our solutions range from interactive flat panels and projectors to integrated hall and large space solutions which support varied requirements from staff with different technical abilities. We also install meeting room systems into commercial premises and civic buildings, and partner with specialists in open democracy solutions to capture and store public meetings and associated conferencing solutions.


Design & Delivery: Building Systems

We can help you have a truly integrated approach to key building systems, giving staff, visitors and students an enhanced experience.

Our CCTV, Access Control and visitor management systems are designed to interoperate from the start. We also work to ensure systems can be more fully integrated in to MIS and cashless catering systems where this is appropriate. This ensures that there are not multiple systems storing the same information, and supports best practice in data use.


Contact Nexus Associates

You can either buy from us direct, or go through several approved procurement frameworks. In either case, contact us first so that we can guide you through the process.

How to get a fee proposal from Nexus Associates

  • To get in touch with our Business Relationship Manager, please contact us.

Procurement frameworks

  • We are a Crown Commercial Service approved supplier within framework RM 6103 and Framework RM 6100.
  • We are a G-Cloud 12 approved supplier. To find out more, visit the Crown Commercial Service website.
  • We are a Bloom procurement approved supplier, meaning you can procure our services through the OJEU compliant NEPRO3 framework, which is open to the entire UK public sector. To find out more, please visit the Bloom website.
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Logo of nepo and bloom with the tagline "opening up procurement", symbolizing their partnership.

Working With Us

Nexus has been a trusted partner of Eco Modular Buildings since our first DfE batch of projects in 2014. They work as part of our integrated Design Team and have a really good grasp of the off-site construction process, ensuring the elements impacting the ICT installation integrate closely into our construction programmes.

John PayFramework Director, Eco Modular

Nexus has been a trusted partner of Wates Construction over the last 15 years. Their knowledge of the ICT components of the Output Specification, good working relationship with the DfE ICT Advisors and experience working client-side has really benefitted the development of our ICT solutions.

Gavin MillerDfE Framework Director, Wates Construction

It’s clear, Tim’s experience and knowledge of education build projects is vast. His ability to deliver the ICT elements for both ENGIE projects without any snags was impressive. The ICT design and delivery for both projects went smooth. I would like to thank you for all your hard work and hope that our paths cross again in the future.

Project ManagerEngie

Sheffield City Council worked closely with Nexus Associates during the design and construction of a new through school in Sheffield, including a new-build and refurbishment of a Grade II listed, former Board School. Throughout the design process Nexus demonstrated their commitment, skills, and experience in the education sector. They were consistently proactive, creative, and professional. Nexus also demonstrated that they have a broad range of specialist skills and experience within their team, and they work collectively to solve problems and deliver creative design solutions. Nexus’ commitment and professionalism are exemplary, and their team are a pleasure to work with.

Project ManagerSheffield City Council
Our Company Values

Sustainable ICT designs

We specialise in designing sustainable ICT solutions that support the UK government’s agenda for buildings that are net zero in operation.

We are proud to spearhead the continuous improvement of sustainable building design as Passivhaus Trust patrons. With us as your ICT partners, your construction projects will use the most up to date standards and technologies to reduce embodied carbon and help achieve net zero.

In the schools we support, we minimise carbon waste by making optimum use of energy saving technologies.

A Little Of Our Story

335 years of experience reducing project risk

In total our consultants have spent 335 years identifying risks up-front and designing them out of building projects and school ICT solutions.

The last thing you want is modifications when you’ve started building. We make sure the ICT infrastructure is integrated through each stage of building design and construction, working with architects, mechanical and engineering and other disciplines.

Schools across the country trust us to make sure their ICT projects work first time and make every penny count.

Our Reputation

UK leaders in ICT for schools

Since we design and install the ICT for around 100 schools a year across the UK, we have exhaustive knowledge of working with the Department for Education.

We work on projects from both the Free Schools Programme and the School Replacement Programme, through both the traditional construction, off-site and MMC frameworks. We work through the Crown Commercial Services and other DfE frameworks for school ICT procurement.

Almost all of our school-build consultants have hands-on experience in school ICT, as school governors or in other roles.

Accreditations, Certifications & Partnerships

Let’s work together.