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Complexity Made Easy

Save up to £186,000 in recovery, downtime, ransoms, GDPR fines, loss of customers and reputational damage.

Save over 150 hours per year on searching for third party tools, negotiating with lawyers, consultants, filling out legal templates, dealing with security incidents and data breaches or interviewing for a dedicated security professional.

Automated Data Compliance

  • GDPR – Become GDPR compliant in 60 minutes
  • ISO 27001 – Getting your certification is a breeze
  • DTAC
  • And many more industry-specific standards

Automated Cyber Security

  • Cyber Essentials Certification – Get and renew certification yearly
  • Cyber Essentials Plus – Upgrade easily

Due diligence questionnaires for your customers?

Flywheel Security fills them in for you!

Got a new supplier?

Flywheel Compliance sends lawyer-verified Data Processing Agreements (DPAs).We review their security – keeping your whole supply chain secure.

Product Features

  • Cyber security live scanning
  • Instant cyber security alerts – with instructions to fix them

Your Dashboard

  • Outstanding actions list
  • Real-time Cyber Security Score
  • Real-time Data Compliance Score
  • Staff security scores & Training status

Phone a Compliance Expert

  • Why hire a compliance office when you can use our whole team for free?
  • UK GDPR specialists
  • EU GDPR specialists
  • Cyber security experts
  • Data privacy consultants

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Applied Cyber Security experts supporting hundreds of UK organisations

99.4% customer retention rate

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Compliance Software for Staff Training

We Monitor, Train And Monitor Again

Over 90% of cyber attacks occur as a result of human error. Our video training courses make your staff security savvy to close off this risk.

Regular Phishing Tests

We’ll put your organisation’s training to the test with simulated phishing tests. If a user fails one of our tests, we’ll prompt them to complete more training.

Breach Monitoring

Every time an employee is added to your dashboard, we’ll scan the dark web to check if their email address has been part of a data breach.

Account & Data Mapping

Someone leaving your organisation? The system stores everyone’s accounts and access levels, and you can revoke access at the click of a mouse.

Get your Compliance To-Do List

Clear Security Actions

We’ll guide you through everything you need to do to keep your business secure from hackers, malware, phishing and more.

Website Security Scanning

The software regularly scans your websites for any vulnerabilities which may leave your business open to cyber attacks.

Phone a Compliance Expert

In-Person Technical Reviews

Our security experts are on hand to perform a wide range of technical services, including securing your WordPress website and configuring company laptops.

Incident Response

No cyber security system is perfect but, if you do suffer a security incident, our expert support covers everything from recovering your data to legal advice.