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24 years’ experience in professional IT support

Qualified IT experts supporting hundreds of organisations around the UK

99.4% customer retention rate

Qualified experts in managed IT services for business

Choosing Flywheel to support your business with IT services is the easiest way to get – or enhance – your own IT department.

We have IT specialists in every field

We are a big team with certified and accredited engineers. We have years of hands-on experience in working with a wide array of vendors and solutions for every aspect of information technology.

Our IT services contracts are always flexible

We can support what you already have, or recommend the best products and solutions based on your needs and budget. We don’t need to keep customers by tying them in with inflexible contracts. This is how we have built relationships that last for decades.


Our KPIs

4 Rings

Average phone call waiting time


Of helpdesk calls tackled within 2 hours


Calls resolved by our helpdesk in an average week


Customer retention rate


We’ll always update your IT services contract if your needs change


Trusted by hundreds of UK businesses for over 20 years

Business growth experts

We give you the right tech to boost your sales, efficiency and profits

Flywheel IT Services has been a trusted partner of ours for over 13 years. Whether it is IT equipment supply, support and even a complete office move; they never fail to deliver a brilliant service. Due to their technical expertise, we are confident in the solutions they deliver and would definitely recommend them to other businesses.

Jon BrewerPurple Granite

As a growing company we require increasingly complex bespoke IT solutions, however we are not big enough to require a full-time IT person. Flywheel IT Services provide the perfect solution with their technical expertise and flexibility in the level of support required. Their team are knowledgeable, have excellent communication skills and deliver a fast response and turnaround time.

ManagerHTF Associates

Our relationship with Flywheel started in 2010 and continues to date. Throughout the years they have delivered an excellent service. Their comprehensive technical knowledge and experience mean we can rest assured that our IT support is of the highest standard. I would recommend using Flywheel to any business.

Jayne SaleQuantum Compliance Solutions

Extra Energy, the PWC team and myself are over the moon with what Flywheel has achieved in such a short space of time. We have been able to stabilise and can now focus on gathering debt from the customers. This is due to the swift response from Flywheel and their ability to understand the issues and provide solutions.

BrunoExtra Energy & PWC

Some of our IT services clients

Our IT Services for Business

Managed services
Cyber security
Data Centre
Consulting & Project Management

Managed Services

Managed IT Services are the core of our business offering, and we take a bespoke approach with every client.

Fully outsourced IT services…

If you don’t have any IT staff we can definitely be your team for you. We’ve proven over two decades that we can help build companies from start-ups right the way up to leaders in their chosen market.

…or we integrate with your team

For companies that don’t need this kind of service, we integrate with your own technical teams to unburden them of tasks unsuitable for them, bridge any skill gaps there may be, and provide cover when your staff take time off work.

We look for savings

We aim to keep costs as simple as possible. We don’t go through your IT estate with a fine-toothed comb looking for things to charge for. We base our pricing on your number of users and servers, and look after everything else as part of that.

Flexible IT services contracts

We offer all of the above with a flexible contract. This means that, whether you need to scale things up or down, you are never paying for more than your company needs.

Consultancy & Project Management

Our IT consultancy services ranges from designing your company’s IT strategy for the next 10 years to taking on the planning and management of a single transformation project.

End Users Computing, I-O-T, Audio Visual, CCTV and cabling are all areas we have delivered improvements for customers outside their contracted requirements.

Qualified project managers

We routinely deliver or assist with IT projects. We have experience in delivering projects across all our specialisations and our project managers are qualified in PRINCE2, PMP, agile methodologies and more.

20 year track record of success

When looking at size and scope we have the ability to deliver, whether you need a few additional computers set up or a global cloud rollout, we have the experience and know how to keep the project as pain free as possible.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is now one of the primary concerns for your business, whether you have your own internal team or use a third party.

Choose your risk appetite

With the ever-expanding risk of cyber criminals gaining access to your systems – and the potential fines involved if they do – you need do all you can to mitigate this. Yet most companies do not have an infinite budget for IT services.

Start with essential cyber security services

We believe all companies need to start with the basics, so we provide help to get you through Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Certification. These government-backed schemes establish a baseline for your cyber security.

24×7 cyber security monitoring

Our range of cyber services starts with the basics of Anti Virus, Firewalls, Email protection and web filtering.

Zero trust and 24×7 SOC

We provide an award-winning Zero Trust solution aimed at the budget conscious. To top this off we also provide two options for monitoring. One integrates with our basic packages, whilst the other monitors and manages the Zero Trust solution.


Our ethos from the beginning has been a cloud-first approach. Most software companies now provide a cloud or hosted option to replace their older on-site applications.

You benefit, as your application remains in the hands of the experts who built it. They will keep it secure and up to date. If anything does go wrong, they will be the first to know about it and work to resolve the problem without you needing to do anything.

We’re cloud migration experts

Whether we’re using Microsoft’s productivity tools, or moving existing applications into the cloud, we can allow your business far greater flexibility.

Award-winning Office 365 app developers

We have been working with Microsoft Office 365 and recommending it as the platform of choice for productivity for many years. We have vast experience in Email, but also Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. Our engineers have developed tools through PowerApps that were put up for awards and we have trained companies to ensure their users accepted changes to their historical way of working.

Integrated comms using Teams

As many are aware, the traditional way of making phones calls over copper lines is coming to an end by December 2025. A proliferation of cloud vendors is offering alternatives. As a cloud first company, Flywheel has been practicing what we preach on this for many years. We use Teams Voice to communicate internally and with customers.

Wide choice of VoIP providers

While we have moved many customers on to this platform, we also recognise that is not the best fit for every business. As with our internet connectivity solutions, we have a large portfolio of suppliers that we match against your requirements to find the most suitable options available.


Whether we’re talking about your on-site network, such as switches or wireless access points, or how you connect to multiple sites or the internet, we have the experience and know-how to give you the best advice and options.

Technical help & linking sites

For on-site services, we provide technical assistance around switches and wireless access. We also offer I-O-T connectivity and point-to-point networking where you are unable to connect between buildings. When looking at your internet connectivity or connections to multiple sites, we can scope out exactly what your current limitations are and needs moving forward.

We’ll help you find the best vendors

We are your informed gateway to a large range of vendors, some that you will have heard of and others that would be very difficult to come across without many hours of research. They offer a variety of ways to connect, from ADSL, FTTC and MPLS to SDWAN – the most recent addition to networking. All vendors have varying levels of ability to connect to different areas.


Data Centre

While we are a ‘cloud first’ company, we also realise that not all companies are ready or have the appetite to move to the cloud.

If the cloud is not right for your business…

Some of our clients have worries around their existing internet connection, and its ability to provide their users the access they require. Meanwhile others need to keep their data close for compliance reasons, and others like to sweat their assets to get the most from their investment.

We can run your data centre

Although some companies want to run their own servers, more often than not it’s safer and more secure to run these off-site at a specially designed and constructed data centre.

Data centres have much greater security and redundancy in their buildings, and will have taken into account things like flood plains and other issues that may not have been looked at when your company selected its site.

Therefore for as long as we can get vendor maintenance, we will support these platforms. When they do need replacing, we work with you to identify the best solution possible.


Let’s get started!

Our Company Values

Our flexible approach to IT services

Every company lets you upgrade to a more expensive plan, but Flywheel is the only company that also lets you scale back your contract if you don’t need something any more.

Not every problem is solved by selling you something new. Sometimes there’s a better way to use what you already have. If you do need to replace something, we're flexible in how you want to partner with us, so that you can use our expertise in the way which best fits your company structure, culture and budget.

Helping you get the competitive edge

IT strategies for business growth

When clients review us, the word that crops up time and again is 'innovation'.

We've designed IT solutions to spearhead growth for a fascinating variety of business clients over our 20-year history, and brought about some astonishing success stories. Some clients partnered with us when they were no more than a dozen people, and they're still with us as national leaders in their field, employing hundreds of workers across the nation.

Your outsourced IT director

We'll plan for your company's future

We offer consulting and strategy advice, and some clients choose our complete ‘Outsourced IT Director’ service.

Whether you’re undertaking a specific project, problem solving, evaluating new suppliers, working to better optimise your business or just want a steady, ongoing hand to steer your company’s wider IT direction, our IT Director service can help. You will get all the benefits of an experienced professional overseeing your systems and planning your IT strategy for future business growth, without having to bear the financial burden of a full-time salary, benefits and other costs.

Affordable innovation

Financially astute IT solutions

Our IT managed services have helped hundreds of businesses save money with predictable IT expenditure.

Consulting, training, emergency repairs, maintenance and replacements can be built into your contract so they won’t break the bank when unpredictable needs occur. Our procurement team keeps track of short-term offers and volume discounts and we pass on our pricing benefits to help clients save money.


How can we help your business?

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