Nexus Associates specialises in the design and delivery of ICT for education and public sector buildings. We also complete ICT projects for schools and colleges.

We have partnered with construction companies and the Department for Education to build new schools since 2004, and we have been a part of Flywheel IT Services since 2018.

Construction services

Valued as ICT design and delivery experts since 2004, we are the project partner on 100+ major construction projects each year.


ICT for education

From ICT audits to strategy planning, projects and long-term support, our ICT helps schools excel in teaching and learning.


Connect the Classroom

If your school is eligible for DfE funding, we can design your reliable, fast, high-quality wireless networking solution.


The Flywheel IT Services Group

Business IT

Our Flywheel business unit powers the UK helpdesk, and provides managed IT services to our corporate and SME clients.

ICT for Education

Colwyn Technologies is our business unit formed specifically to provide managed ICT support for schools and the HE/FE sector.

Consultancy & Education Projects

Nexus Associates designs & delivers ICT infrastructure for new schools and completes education ICT projects.

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Legal statement

Nexus Associates (ICT) Limited (registered company no. 05158528) is a subsidiary of Flywheel IT Services, a trading style of Kookaburra Technologies Limited (registered company no. 12279493).