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Sensors inside school toilets detect chemicals & particles from vaping

CCTV cameras outside the toilet record who enters and leaves

Artificial Intelligence matches up the signals

Staff get instant SMS and email alerts

Find out how our vape detectors and CCTV use AI to stop pupils vaping in school toilets.

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Problems with bullying in the toilets? Ask about  our noise & motion sensors that use AI to detect bullying incidents.

Stop pupils vaping in school toilets

Get real time SMS & email alerts

Fully respect privacy & safeguarding

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Unique AI technology: How it works

1 – Sensors in toilets

The sensors detect the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerol, PM2.5 particulate matter and other cancer-causing chemicals.

2 – CCTV outside

CCTV cameras are outside the toilets, respecting privacy whilst identifying who enters and leaves.

3 – AI identifies who is vaping & sends real time alerts

We provide unique AI technology which integrates all your signals into one dashboard. The school admin, and any other teachers or staff members, can receive  SMS or email alerts when the index goes above a trigger threshold.

The child vaping problem

SOURCE OF STATISTICS: Action on Smoking and Health


of secondary school pupils vape regularly


increase in child vaping year-on-year


of year 11 pupils have tried vaping

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Vaping Policy Guidance for Schools

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) is a public health charity set up by the Royal College of Physicians to end the harm caused by tobacco.

ASH has released new national guidance for schools, to support staff in developing their policies on vaping. This was developed with teachers with expertise in safeguarding and health education.

ASH guidance on developing school policies on vaping

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