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24 years’ experience in professional IT support

Qualified IT experts supporting hundreds of organisations around the UK

99.4% customer retention rate

School-specific pricing structures to save money

Cloud-based VoIP phone systems for better reliability

Try out your new VoIP phone system before it goes live

Our education-focused technical support answers in 4 rings

Your school's telephony system is a crucial interface to your stakeholders, whether they're parents, suppliers or others.
We offer a range of VoIP telephony products and solutions to meet any needs.

What can a VoIP phone system do for my school?

All this works on your current internet & IT infrastructure – we’ll upgrade you if need be.

Book a call now if you want to ask questions before making any commitment.


VoIP phone handsets do video calls, conferences, call recording & more at the push of a button

The same phone number on your VoIP phone, PC, laptop or mobile phone

Meet your compliance regulations with call recording, call logging & more

Spend less with our school-specific pricing structures

Speak to a VoIP phone expert

Book a call to discuss what your school or MAT needs. We’ll explain our VoIP phone pricing, and answer your questions about voice over IP technology.

We are a Crown Commercial Service provider and we also work through other government procurement frameworks. Please contact us in the first instance and we will be happy to offer you guidance.

Please complete the contact form or call us on 0121 647 8500.

We Work With leading VoIP Phone System Providers for School

Clear Price Comparisons

We’ll calculate your VoIP phone system TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

We break down all your phone costs into types of call, standing charges and other fees

Then we generate user-friendly graphs and charts

See at a glance how much a VoIP phone system would cost vs. your current telephony solution

About our VoIP Phone Service for Schools

School-Specific Licenses & Pricing structures

We will set you up with a VoIP license ideal for educational settings and usage patterns. Unlike business licenses which are based on the number of users, your school license can be priced on the number of concurrent calls you will make. This represents huge savings for all schools.

Deployment & Training

We will work with you to design a system that works best for you. We will then pre-stage the system, so you can try it out before it goes live and make sure everything is configured exactly how you like it.

We will also demonstrate to your staff how to get the most from your new VoIP phone system by using it correctly and efficiently.

Cloud-Based Phone System For Greater Reliability

We prioritise cloud based phone systems. This offers a much lower level of risk that the system could go wrong or suffer outages. It also makes sure all your authorised users can get reliable access to the phone system wherever they are – including working from home or using their mobile.

We can also provide and support an on-premises VoIP phone system for your school if this is your preference.

How You Can Make VoIP Phone Calls

You can make VoIP phone calls using

  • a traditional-style desktop phone
  • modern Android and iOS apps on your smart phone
  • straight from a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer.

You can integrate these fully, so that you can answer a call on one device and seamlessly switch it over to another without interrupting the call.

VoIP Phone System Compliance Functionality

Your VoIP system will have to the right functionality to help you comply with GDPR.

  • It can do call recording when you need it.
  • Your confidential contact data will be encrypted and stored securely in the cloud.
  • We can configure your system for additional functionality if you need it.

School-specific pricing structures

Pay by the number of concurrent calls you make, not by the total number of phone users. This saves schools a fortune.

Cloud-based phone system

With no more phone networks on the school premises, you’ll get a much more reliable system.

Try before you buy

We’ll set up a pre-stage system which you can try out and learn to use. We’ll make any changes you ask for before going live.

Our 24/7 tech support answers in 4 rings

We support your school’s VoIP phone system with our education-focused helpdesk, plus an on-site engineer if you want one.

Why Get a School VoIP Phone System Now?

VoIP opens up a wide range of options for phone systems and all schools can benefit from using it.

VoIP phones usually lower the cost of each call compared to traditional phone networks. We offer contracts that are ideal for schools and save a small fortune compared to standard contracts, which are usually designed with businesses in mind.

Since VoIP is easy to scale up or down, you can change your VoIP package to fit the needs of your school.

We can add more lines or functionality

We always keep disruption to a minimum. With Flywheel IT Services, all you have to do is get in touch with our team, and we’ll quickly make any changes you need and install any extra VoIP phones or other equipment.

Greater redundancy for consistent high quality communications

Flexible web-based management

Scale up or down easily

Superior call reliability and coverage

Large corporation capabilities on a school budget

Far more flexible than older alternatives

How it Works

Switching your School to VoIP Phones


We define the telephony needs of your school

We take every factor into consideration, from the number of concurrent VoIP phone calls your school will need to make, to the bandwidth of your internet connection and the sites you need to connect.

We identify the best provider for your school

We work with a short list of preferred VoIP providers, selected for their school-appropriate pricing structures and VoIP functionality.

Try our your new VoIP phone system before it's live

Our trained team will come to your school to teach you how to use your new VoIP phones and software. You can try it out before it goes live, to make sure the set-up is exactly how you want it.

The switchover to VoIP in the cloud

Once the switchover is done and your VoIP phone services have been set up we'll finalise the setup and train your staff.

Ongoing 24x7 support

Our education-focused helpdesk is always ready to support you. If you choose us for other IT services too, you can have a staff member in your school full time.

About Flywheel IT Services

Flywheel IT Services has teams of highly qualified and experienced IT engineers and consultants around the UK. For over 24 years we have partnered with businesses, schools and major construction companies to provide IT services and to guide and support their IT projects, tech strategies and day-to-day operations.

In an average year


Businesses use Flywheel IT Services to fast-track their growth


Children's talents nurtured with the help of Flywheel IT Services


New schools built with sustainable ICT infrastructure designed by us

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VoIP phone system?

VoIP is an abbreviation for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol.’ Traditional phones use the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), which routes calls across copper cables linked by telephone exchanges.

VoIP technology, on the other hand, turns your voice into a digital signal that allows you to make internet calls. This is how a VoIP phone system lets you make and receive calls over an IP telephony network without restriction.

How does a VoIP phone work, and what is it?

A VoIP phone looks and works just like a regular desk phone and usually does the same things. The main difference is how your phone calls travel through the network. With VoIP, this is done through an Internet connection instead of the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Most VoIP phones will be able to do more things than their traditional counterparts.

Can you supply cordless VoIP phones?

Yes, we can provide many brands of cordless phones that work with VoIP services, like those made by Yealink, Fanvil and Samsung.

Can my school keep its old phone number?

Switching to VoIP phones does not mean you have to give up your current school phone numbers. We will take care of the coordination between your current and new phone service providers.

How would a VoIP phone system in the cloud work with my cell phone?

You can use your cell phone in a number of ways with a VoIP system. You can set your cell phone to ring when your office phone does, which is helpful if you’re not at your desk or in the office.

Most systems let you flip calls from one phone to another. So, if you answer the office phone when you need to leave the building, you can switch the call to your cell phone without any trouble.

With a VoIP mobile app for Android and iOS devices, you can turn your smart phone into an extension of your VoIP phone system, letting you set up call routing, transfer calls, and do much more.

How do you make a VoIP phone call?

It’s just as easy to make a VoIP call as it is to use a regular phone line. Just dial a number as you normally would on your VoIP device, and the call will go through your internet connection.

What is the difference between VoIP phones and landlines?

Cloud-based VoIP phone systems can do more than your old phone system can. You can use call forwarding, call transfer, three-way calling, and automatic call routing very easily as well as recording calls, embedding requirements that meet your compliance needs, and integrating with other systems including CRM, call centre or ticketing systems.

With traditional landlines, you have to buy and take care of expensive equipment. With a VoIP phone system, you don’t have to do that, so you can keep your budget in check.

It also makes sure that you’re ready for the future, since all businesses will have to switch to digital phone lines by 2025.

How reliable are VoIP phone systems that run in the cloud?

Most VoIP phone systems will work 99.99 percent of the time if you have good internet. Plus, you have the support of our UK-based helpdesk 24 hours a day if anything does go wrong.

How secure are VoIP phone calls?

The data centres that reputable VoIP providers use to offer digital voice services go through regular audits. They use the latest firewalls and intrusion detection systems, and all the data they handle is encrypted.

VoIP technology includes several features to keep your people, systems and data safe, including Secure Voice and SIP over TCP.

What are some disadvantages of using a VoIP phone system?

There aren’t many bad things about VoIP phone systems, but some businesses may have trouble with call quality and reliability. This is usually caused by a poor internet connection or less than optimal network within your business premises.

We make sure our customers will get great performance by advising them if upgrades are needed. We also only provide quotes from VoIP companies that have been around for a while and have a history of being reliable.

How much does an average VoIP phone system cost in the UK?

How much you’ll pay depends on several factors. It depends on which system is best for your school and how it’s configured.

Our preferred providers offer pricing structures and contracts that are very economical for schools. This is because they are designed around phone usage patterns typical in schools, which are very different from business phone usage.

The best thing is to ask for our ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ analysis of your current system, which will be formatted in our standard layout that matches all the bids and price quotes we’ll get from VoIP phone system providers for your during procurement. This makes it easy to compare VoIP providers and pricing structures.

What is SIP trunking?

The acronym “SIP” stands for “session initiation protocol,” and SIP trunking is the technology that enables phones to talk to each other over the internet instead of physical phone lines.

As SIP initiates the procedure that enables voice and data to be sent between devices, it opens up the channel for VoIP calls to begin.