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Flexible. Experienced. Dependable.

We support hundreds of businesses, schools and other organisations around the UK.

For some, we're their whole IT department. For others we're more like an expansion of their in-house team, bringing specialist expertise to the table for specific projects, or adding skilled manpower to routine work.

We work with leading construction companies as the ICT specialists on building projects.

We join our clients' project teams to help them integrate the ICT infrastructure into their designs, achieving outstanding results. We specialise in sustainable building designs in which the ICT infrastructure achieves 'net zero in use' targets.

We're highly sought-after for public sector and commercial building projects and we're the national leaders in designing ICT for schools commissioned by the Department for Education.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

We spearhead IT development for our clients, to help them dream even bigger. We've been key to building some of our client businesses from a dozen people into national leaders that employ hundreds.

We lead the way in using ICT to help nurture children's skills and confidence. We're passionate about laying the groundwork for them to succeed in the world of work, with a successful future full of opportunities.

The Flywheel IT Services Group

Business IT

ICT for Schools

Construction Services

Business IT

Whatever you need, we can design, install and support it. We can work with your in-house IT department or take care of absolutely everything on your behalf.

ICT for schools

From an ICT audit to strategy document, change management and long-term support, we take care of ICT so that schools can excel in teaching and learning.

Construction services

Valued as ICT design and delivery experts since 2004, we are the project partner on 100+ major construction projects each year.

Technology lets people be creative, be productive, and learn new things. It’s all about potential.

Qualified and experienced

We’re a large, national team of highly qualified experts with years of experience in network design, cyber security, programming and other specialist fields.

Reliable and transparent

When we say we’ll do something, we get it done. If there are problems, we always come clean. This is why we’ve been the trusted IT provider for hundreds or businesses and schools for over 20 years.


We like saying yes and making clients happy. We build relationships that last decades by offering flexible contracts and a collaborative, can-do attitude.

Sustainable ICT design

We are accredited innovators in ICT designs that are ‘Net Zero in Use’ and we make sustainability integral to all our solutions. We are proud to be Passivhaus trust patrons.

Whether it's IT equipment supply, support or even a complete office move, they never fail to deliver a brilliant service.
Due to their technical expertise, we are confident in the solutions they deliver and would definitely recommend them to other businesses.

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