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Successfully balance cyber security risk vs. cost

We’ll close cyber security loopholes to make you safe

Stay safe with automated checks running 24×7

Cyber Security Tailored to Your Company

We’ll design solutions that work with what you already have

Risk vs. Cost Balance

We’ll help you make informed choices weighing risk against price

Best Prices Available

We work with all the trusted providers to bring you top quality at the best prices

Trusted by 100s of Businesses

Our trusted cyber security engineers have protected UK companies since 1999

Book a call to discuss your cyber security needs

Our expert security consultants design complete cyber security solutions tailored to the needs of any organisation. 

Cyber Security Services

  • Anti virus protection
  • Safe internet with DNS filtering
  • Off-site secure backups
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • 365 Ransomware protection
  • End user awareness training (anti phishing)
  • Cyber Essentials Certification for your company
  • 24×7 monitoring with a Secure Operations Centre

We also offer

  • Endpoint Zero Trust
  • Remote Browser Isolation
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
  • Intelligent Identity & Access Management
  • Web Application Isolation (WAI)
  • Penetration Testing & Automated Pen Testing
  • And more
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Why pay us to manage your cyber security?

We also offer co-managed cyber security services – we’ll work however you choose.

Cost Savings: We’re more cost-effective than hiring and training an in-house team. You can benefit from the expertise of our team of professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own full-time team.

Access to Expertise: Our experts know the latest technologies and techniques to protect against cyber threats. We think about cyber security all day and keep abreast off any new threat and defence. We also know how to design a coherent, complete strategy for your entire organisation.

Continuous Monitoring: We can provide 24×7 monitoring of your systems and networks to detect any potential threats or vulnerabilities. We can identify and address any issues or threats quickly, reducing the risk of a cyber attack.

Proactive Defence: We implement proactive measures such as security patches, updates, and system upgrades without delay, to prevent security breaches before they happen. This timeliness dramatically reduces the risk of data breaches and other cyber security incidents.

Compliance Requirements: If you business is subject to compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, or GDPR we can make sure your systems and processes are fully compliant, reducing the risk of costly fines and penalties.

24 years’ experience in professional IT support

Qualified IT experts supporting hundreds of organisations around the UK

99.4% customer retention rate

About Flywheel IT Services

Flywheel IT Services has teams of highly qualified and experienced IT engineers and consultants around the UK. For over 24 years we have partnered with businesses, schools and major construction companies to provide IT services and to guide and support their IT projects, tech strategies and day-to-day operations.

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Businesses use Flywheel IT Services to fast-track their growth


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New schools built with sustainable ICT infrastructure designed by us