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With religious turmoil raging for thousands of years, and with political groups backed ostensibly by religious ideas that conflict, what could possibly get leaders of the three Abrahamic religions to come together and agree on anything? Artificial Intelligence

Yes, this actually happened, and no, it’s not the starting line of a “walk into a bar” gag.

With thousands of years of holy wars, conflicts defined by religious identity and cultural pressures being rampant world-wide… the one thing that has managed to get the heads of the three Abrahamic religions to meet and agree on something is artificial intelligence.

As reported in the Financial Times today, the Pope hosted at the Vatican the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, and one recognised as one of the greatest living scholars on Islamic jurisprudence.

They ended up signing a joint covenant alongside the technology companies, known as the Rome Call.

‘The charter proposes six ethical principles that all AI designers should live by, including making AI systems explainable, inclusive, unbiased, reproducible and requiring a human to always take responsibility for an AI-facilitated decision.’

So if it is important enough for the heads of these three religions to get over their differences and think about the impact of AI, don’t you think you should also give thought to how AI will be affecting your business or school?

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