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The Matthew White column

Mech warriors are now real

By 24 June 2022December 19th, 2022No Comments

For anyone who remembers playing any of the Mech Warrior games, or perhaps only saw the movie Avatar, you’ll recognise what this is.

Yes, it’s a 4 ton exosuit that some dude made, and got himself a Guinness World Record!

Robots are evolving

Robots are evolving from huge things in cages on car assembly plants, to… well… this.

And, do realise that it didn’t take long to go from art to reality.

So what’s next for IT in your business or school?

What was science fiction only 10 years ago that is normal now (handheld computers like a smartphone perhaps)? SO what is sci-fi now that you will say is normal in 10 years?

Have you put it on your 10 year vision?

Let’s get started!