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The Matthew White column

Flying humanoid robots… of course!

Yes, the world needs flying humanoid robots… because… well… they are cool, right?

Well, yeah, growing up on a diet of Manga, Anime, Voltron and every other humanoid, mech-warrior cartoon would make it obvious that flying, sword wielding, energy bolt zapping, fighting human shaped robots might look cool… but practical uses?


And not surprisingly, that’s the same with many tech companies run by techies who love tech, but don’t understand business or education. While I unashamedly call myself a geek who loves tech, I’m more interested in what it can do for people with real problems. So the emphasis I put on my team when I created Flywheel was about being pedagogy experts, or business change consultants, both of which happen to use tech to improve their customers’ lives.


Disaster recovery and search and rescue applications might be useful for a humanoid robot, but for back office processing of forms, or accounting and budgeting, or tracking student intakes and customer flows, the tech is quite simple – using it cost effectively to get the best results is the hard part.


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