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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now reconstructed what the Egyptian kings and queens looked like, using 3000 year old statues.

Yet another amazing use of AI has been published. This time it is from researchers reconstructing the faces of long dead Egyptian kings and queens, using only these statues.

The pace of development from artificial intelligence is staggering. During October of 2022, four major AI development tools were released, each one more amazing than the other.

School teachers need to be aware of this. It is a field that is only getting bigger, and children need strong STEM/STEAM skills to be part of this field… but even more, they need to have a LOVE of the maths and the tech behind it. If children are lucky to have teachers that inspire them to this love, they will have jobs for life: if they don’t they will be left behind. It’s a scary chasm coming up – those who have the love of STEM, and those who haven’t!

How are your teachers being kept up with the latest advances in the tech world? If you think they aren’t up to date, schedule a call with your Flywheel or Colwyn account manager, or contact us using the link below, to book a CPD training session.

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